The Tin Ring

Zdenka Fantlová is one of a handful of Holocaust survivors still alive today.
This is her story, born in Czechoslovakia Zdenka was 17 when the war began and the ring of the title was given to her by Arno her first love. Zdenka kept it with her as a symbol of truth and hope from Terezin to Bergen-Belsen.

Adapted for the stage by Mike Alfreds & Jane Arnfield, directed by Mike Alfreds The Tin Ring is a profoundly uplifting story of great love, brought to life by Jane Arnfield’s extraordinary solo performance.

Next Performance will be in May in the Terezín Attic at the kind invitation of The Defiant Requiem Foundation


‘I am particularly fond of single-actor performances and Jane Arnfield's exemplifies the best of that.’
Ruth Rendell